Accident In An Uber Vehicle and Ride-Sharing Insurance

Uber vehicle accidents differ from auto accidents in many ways. Uber vehicle accidents have a unique way of dealing with the claims. Before getting into that, let’s take a look at the first steps you should consider when involved in an Uber vehicle accident.
I Had Accident With An Uber Driver, What Should I Do?
If you had an accident with an Uber driver especially if the Uber driver is at fault do the following:
Call For Emergency Services
If there are serious injuries sustained, the first thing you should do is call 911 immediately.
Take Photos
If you’re still conscious, it’s a good idea to take pictures with your phone of the accident scene. Adjust the camera settings so that you snap everything at the scene in one frame. Take photos of the injuries sustained and other things that you believe might be useful.
Talk To Witnesses
If there are people around who have witnessed the event, you should take their statement, ask them to describe the situation and collect their contact information: name, phone, and address.
Collect The Uber Driver’s Information
You should get all of the driver’s details, name, address, and phone number. You should also take a picture of his license and plate number, ask for the insurance company he is working with and their contact number, and also the insurance policy he is using. Even after collecting his insurance company details, don’t contact them straight away. Consult an attorney so that you get proper advice on how to deal with the situation.
Report To The Police And Obtain A Police Report
Whenever an auto accident happens, most states want the victim to collect a police report. When there is a severe injury, the police may have to visit the accident scene before issuing the statement. When they access the accident scene and write down the report, you should request a copy.
Contact Your Insurer
Now it’s time to let your insurance company know what happened. Don’t start making any claims; you should just explain to them what has happened. They will start asking questions; don’t respond to any complex problem; insurance companies are well known for tricking clients with questions so that they can turn down most claims.
Contact An Attorney
The best way to deal with situations appropriately is to consult an attorney; this is a must, especially if you’re out of state. You need legal advice on how to deal with the situation. Even if you’re innocent, you could make the wrong approach without an attorney.
Getting involved in an accident with an Uber vehicle can be a complicated process. To win your case, your attorney and yourself should gather all the evidence that shows the other driver is at fault. They’re going to make things easier for your attorney to make your claims.
Uber Vehicle Insurance
When it comes to insurance coverage for Uber drivers, they have to choose carefully an insurance policy that covers accidents and injuries. It should be noted that personal insurance doesn’t cover commercial drivers. Most Uber insurers insure Uber drivers with a policy of one million dollars. Your insurer can cover damages that are no more than this, and that’s also if you’ve enrolled with such policy and also know that personal insurance doesn’t apply to Uber driver when they’re injured or when there is a loss of property.
When you have an accident as an Uber driver, you’ll be involved in an investigation as an Uber driver to find out whether you’re at fault or not. Claims adjusters for Uber looks at the damage to your car and whether you can continue driving or not. While the investigation is going on, you might not be able to take new passengers. If the vehicle is damaged, the car cannot be driven until it’s repaired. Having an accident with an Uber vehicle is a real mess, even with insurance policies, you may end up losing a lot of money out of your pocket, especially if you’re at fault. If an individual is injured while riding as a passenger or as a driver for Uber, he or she may be able to pursue a civil lawsuit against Uber or the driver’s insurance company. He or she may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.
Dealing with claims when you’re involved in an accident with an Uber vehicle is difficult since the company considers Uber drivers as subcontractors. To make your life easier, contact us at Massey and Duffy so we can help you deal with the processing of your claims.


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