Alachua County/Marion County Divorce

When it comes to marriage issues and differences, the person that wants to ends the marriage can file for a divorce. There will be proceedings regarding the divorce. There are determining factors; the judge will decide whether to grant the divorce. For some married couples, the judge may determine if some conditions have to be met first before issuing the divorce. The Court will consider the rights and responsibilities of both parties involved in the divorce process; they will also decide who is responsible for child support, who will have custody and award child visitation. All these aspects will be taken into consideration; that’s why filing a divorce is a challenging process for anyone who is considering divorce.
An important thing that will be considered is assets. Disputes between the parties involved are common in the splitting of assets.
Legal Custody
When it comes to child custody, the parent that has legal custody by law will decide on how he wishes to raise his children with regards to medical care, education, and other aspects of taking care of a child. It is, however, possible for the Court to grant legal custody to one parent who is called “sole legal custodian.” The judge can give custody rights to both parents, who are called “joint legal custody.” In these cases, the parents will have shared responsibilities for taking care of the child, and some regulations will be provided by the Court, which must be followed.
Property Separation
The Court will determine property distribution. Something to be taken into account includes whether the assets were acquired before or after marriage or if they through inheritance.
Marion- County  Legal Self-Help Center
If you live in Marion County, you can seek help at the Marion County Legal Self-Help Center. You can visit this help center to get the necessary information you may need regarding divorce, and they’ll also help you with the knowledge of your legal rights. They will guide you on how to deal with the common legal issues individuals face when petitioning the Court for a divorce. You’ll get the necessary assistance you need, legal forms and documents. This is a free and low-cost service in Marion County.  The center assists self-represented parties in a dissolution of marriage, paternity/time-sharing, and contempt cases. The center is there to review Court files to be sure that the appropriate forms are provided to move court cases toward a final disposition.
Why You Must Go With A Lawyer
If you decide to go with self-representation, you’ll realize that you need everything translated to you in a language that you fully understand. Most parties regret signing court documents and going to the subsequent Court hearings without getting advice from a lawyer and retaining one.  If you’re not financially strong to hire a lawyer, you should consider getting legal aid. It is essential to work with a lawyer, especially if there are children and property and asset distribution involved. It is a risky process to deal with a divorce case without a lawyer or legal aid provider.
It is best to hire an experienced divorce attorney. Choose a lawyer that specializes in handling divorce issues and also the one with a proven track of record. Choose a lawyer that can deal with divorce problems and is good at making negotiations; he should have a stable and robust trial background. If both parties involved are ready for dispute resolution like mediation or arbitration, you need to get a collaborative mediation lawyer that can deal with such cases.
A divorce lawyer will also be responsible for handling child custody cases; he should be able to deal with intra-state and international child custody problems that might arise. Some good lawyers are even certified when it comes to handling family lawsuits. Certifications are only given to lawyers with an exceptional experience when it comes to that field. If you have need assistance with a divorce case, contact us at Massey & Duffy for representation.


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