Are you Sick of Working?  or Sick from Working? –  Occupational Disease in Florida

Every year thousands of Floridians become ill from exposure to dangerous chemicals and materials or environmental conditions as a result of their job.
This exposure takes many forms and has many different symptoms, from lung disease to radiation sickness.
To qualify for a workman’s compensation claim under the Florida Statute 440.151, you must be able to prove the following circumstances regarding your condition:
That the disease or condition you suffer from is directly related to work done for an employer.
The disease is caused by specific characteristics of a particular occupation or employer.
The disease is not equally prevalent to ordinary persons who do not share the same occupation or employer.
Your claim was filed within five months of being exposed to the harmful materials or environmental conditions, or within 90 days of receiving a diagnosis from a certified medical provider.
Occupational diseases covered by workers compensation laws in Florida, also include existing conditions which are aggravated by exposure to harmful materials or conditions of a particular occupation or employer.  For those aggravated injuries, the same conditions and limitations apply as occupational disease claims.
If you have been denied a worker’s compensation claim regarding an occupational disease, you must seek out an attorney immediately.  Your claim may have critical deadlines that are sooner than you realize, and a licensed attorney in workers’ compensation claims is essential to meeting these deadlines for you to receive the care and compensation in which you are entitled.  The attorneys of Massey & Duffy are experienced in the areas of workers’ compensation and occupational diseases and can help you evaluate your case.  Call our office at (352) 505-8900 to schedule your FREE Consultation today.


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