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Breach of Employment Contract & Non-Compete

Breach of Contract


Breach of Employment Contract in Florida

In Florida, most employment relationships are “at-will,” which means that the general rule is that an employer can terminate an employee at any time, with or without reason. Some exceptions to this rule are if the termination is discriminatory or retaliatory.

When an employer enters into a contract with its employees, even sometimes implied contract, the employee has extra rights. Employers sometimes violate the terms of their agreements with employees to pay commissions, bonuses or severance packages.  We can help in these situations, even when a written agreement is not in place.

If you have been wronged by your employer by the denial of payment, commission or other rights, we can help.  It is important to hire a lawyer familiar with these particular issues when deciding to bring a claim for breach of an employment agreement, contract or understanding.

Employment Laws Sometimes Protect from Job Discrimination Even Without a Contract

Your job is an important part of your identity as an individual.  It can be devastating to you and your family to lose your job and income.  Numerous employment laws are in place to protect you from being wrongfully discharged. These laws take effect even if there is no employment contract between you  and your employer.  Because these laws are very complicated, please contact a labor and employment law firm to assist you with your matters.

Non-Compete Agreements

Our law firm has significant experience enforcing, and breaking, noncompete agreements.  We also draft noncompete agreements that comply with the relatively new Florida laws governing employment and competition.  If you are an employee with a noncompete, or have a business with noncompete issues, we can help.  These issues are some of the most complex in the employment law arena and they require legal representation.

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