Erroneous Employment Background Checks

Most employers would like to know details on the person they are hiring. They perform background checks on their applicants before hiring so that they can protect themselves and their customers. When a potential employer does a background check, and the results are wrong, some jobs will not accept this. As a result, you might be left depressed from rejection. You might be shocked when a company relates that you didn’t get hired because of a criminal record that is not yours. Yes, companies do make mistakes when running background checks, and you can correct those mistakes presented to your employer. It might take some time to straighten this out, and you have to take the necessary procedures to correct errors.
For most companies and organizations, a background check is part of their hiring process; that is to say, it is part of their routine. Companies and employers must, however, must get your consent before conducting any background check on you. If you don’t agree with the method, then it’s illegal for anyone to conduct a background check on you. Most employers or companies won’t hire you if you don’t permit them to perform background checks on you. They’ll assume you have some serious criminal records that you’re hiding.
To reduce the risk of identity theft, courts sometimes provide details on the criminal records of individuals. They can give only names and dates of birth. They do so because there have been complaints of an incorrect background check. Social security numbers that are given to companies running background checks because they provide more access and accuracy to the individual’s record details. Without a social security number, a background check can go wrong. A lot of people can have the same name or birth date on an extensive database, which means it’s easier to replace someone’s identity and character with another.
Why Should Employers Conduct Background Checks?
They can get false credentials from applicants. A research conducted by CareerBuilder shows that 58% of resumes from employees contain false information. Job seekers will give incorrect information on their resume so that they are more likely to be hired. They include invalid seniority levels, inaccurate job titles, wrong education details, and other misleading things. As an employer, you trust your employees with your business, and they represent your business. To get honest and hard-working employees, you should conduct background checks before hiring anyone.
Failure to conduct background checks on your employees will affect the general performance of your company, if your employees are not equipped with the qualifications and experience they said they have, they’ll interfere with the overall performance of your company. Everyone in your company depends on each other to do their job well. Not conducting a background check will make the company supervisor spending more time dealing with bad employees instead of spending the time to grow and expand the business.
How To Correct Wrong Background Checks
The first step is to identify why you weren’t hired. Perhaps it was because it is because of a criminal record. You have the right to know the reason why you’re not hired. This is in accordance with the federal trade commission site. Your employer must reveal the source of the wrong information. You should request this information fast, no later than 60 days. Within this period, you have the right to request a report from the company that conducted the background check. You then contact the source to correct the misinformation they have about you.
Preventing Wrong Background Checks
If you’re hunting for a new job, it is always advisable to get a copy of “your” criminal background record. According to the consumer financial protection bureau, certain agencies are permitted to conduct background checks. These agencies can supply a copy of criminal records for free. You are also eligible to get a free copy of your credit report at least once a year.
Misinformation includes necessary information like name, social security number, or birth date. This type of error may arise due to sloppy handwriting or any other human errors that weren’t intentional. Most times, there may be minor mistakes from the background company check, such as date discrepancies. Such small mistakes might not affect the companies’ image, and other things like defamation of character are severe issues and can affect employers and companies running the background check.
Conducting a background check is an essential routine for any hiring process, and it offers a lot of benefits to both the employer and the employee. You have to be careful so that you don’t end up hiring someone with violent criminal records and drug addiction records. This category of people will really cause problems to your company and sometimes may cause legal issues for your business, so stay away from them. You should take all the necessary steps to protect your clients and customers and your entire business.
If you believe your employment rights have been violated or you have wrong background check results, let Massey & Duffy help you fix it. We have a multimillion-dollar verdict in this area of the law – can we help you do the same?


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