Gainesville Personal Injury Lawyers Obtain Outstanding Verdict

A groundbreaking verdict was obtained by the Gainesville personal injury lawyers of Massey & Duffy.  The judgment was rendered in the Marion County Circuit Civil Court.
Specifically, on May 11, 2005, Massey & Duffy took a case to trial where a client was rear-ended in a car accident by a Geoline Surveying truck.  Michael Donsky defended the case.
After a long, hard-fought battle, a jury came back won a jury verdict of $554,048.07. This verdict has been reported in the Florida Jury Verdict Review as one of the largest of its kind, given the light amount of damage to our client’s car.
The full case citation is Ash v. Geoline Surveying, 03-2671-CA-K (Marion County, Fla. 2005). The verdict was fully paid by the insurance company, with the addition of attorneys’ fees on top of the verdict.
Mr. Ash was (and is) a humble man who worked hard every day as a painter.  After being in his car accident, he lost much (if not all) of his ability to be fully employed.  Our Gainesville injury lawyers know that neck and back injuries can be the most devastating to our clients.
Although this verdict was rendered in 2005, we recently spoke with Mr. Ash to see how he was doing.  He again expressed gratitude towards our attorneys for his verdict.  However, he is still suffering from the back injury – just as he testified almost ten years ago.
Do you have a neck and back injury and are seeking legal representation?  Our Gainesville attorneys can help, regardless of whether you are injured in Gainesville or its surrounding areas (for example, Mr. Ash was injured in Ocala, FL).  If so, contact our lawyers for a free consultation.


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