Personal Injury Questionaire

How can anyone trust their injury case with someone they don’t know?  Personal injury and accident lawsuits are taxing, troubling events that take great consideration and care before filing.  Some of the relevant factors are:
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  • Do you have a complete recollection or accounting of the facts?
  • Is this the type of case that you would like to bring?
  • How were your injures sustained?
  • Was it your fault?
  • Can you ask other people to pay for what happened to you?
  • Do you want to be in a lawsuit for many years and risk everything you have on justice?
  • What if you lose?
  • What if no one believes you were injured?
  • When did you get injured, did you wait too long?
  • Who injured you?
  • Who is responsible for your accident?
  • How healthy were you before the accident?
  • Did you seek prompt medical care?
  • Who else is involved?
  • Did you already give a recorded statement about what occurred?

Images like the following can be troubling, even to experienced lawyers.  Refusing to consider such warnings can often result in people being injured.  However, what if there are no warnings or the warnings are insufficient?  Does this look sufficient for you?
Because of the complexity of such cases, we developed the following form to assist your decision to hire an attorney. Should you answer the following in the affirmative, call us immediately at 352-505-8900.


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