Happy Holidays from Massey & Duffy

T’was the day before Christmas, and all through the state, shoppers in a rush to buy gifts before it’s too late.

Cars adorned with parking lot scratches, insurance rejecting claims in batches.

The in-laws were gathered, all drunk on dark cider.  Singing off-key, the song “Midnight Rider”

My wife hollers about our financial trouble; and I lay still, knowing the pain will only double.

When across the street; we hear a loud shatter; as the neighbors throw rocks at our brand new Saturn.

I run to the door, pulling on my new fleece; dialing on my cellphone, the local police

I call to the cops; “what a mess they have made; that Saturn is new; the payment just made”

The local PD comes quickly to our house and they see; the neighbors deny the reports made by me.

The officers get back in their cars and say “Have a nice day”; that the insurance will pay.

Bad neighbors and adjusters, they all bring a headache; on this holiday season, and what a New Year will make.

Be calm, says my wife, with a glimmer of hope; there is one thing we can do to rejoice and to cope.

She writes down a name that makes me feel happy, the Gainesville attorneys of Massey & Duffy.

The very next day, I call the attorney and they put me at ease with their soothing advice.

A list of options and actions we may pursue, to make those bad neighbors stop what they do.

During such a wonderful season, there is no reason to fight, Merry Christmas from us, and to all a good night.

We are wishing you a very safe and Happy Holiday season from the Law Office of Massey & Duffy, PLLC.


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