Injured On Summer Vacation In Florida

ResortFlorida has a lot of tourist attractions for its residents and tourists from different parts of the world. There are a lot of amusement parks, cruises and water sports/parks that provide entertainment to people near and far. Wherever you’re from, Florida can offer something attractive for you. The summer is one of the seasons when Florida receives a lot of visitors who are on vacation. Every year Florida gets over 100 million visitors across the globe. Florida offers one of the best attractions for tourists within the United States and other countries worldwide.

Summer vacations in Florida are amazing for friends and families. Still, most of the time, illnesses and injuries are bound to happen during recess, and it’s challenging to deal with since you are away from home. One accident can interfere with the entire vacation for the family since nothing is more significant than health in this world. What do you do when you are injured on summer vacation in Florida, what’s the next step? Before answering the question let’s looking at the various injuries that can happen during summer vacation in Florida;

Slip And Falls

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common accidents that occur during vacation, and they lead to severe and fatal injuries. They result from slick spills at shopping malls, beaches with poor maintenance, and sidewalks. It also happens in hotels due to poor tiles and slippery flooring materials, sometimes even from poor carpets.

Car Accidents

During vacation, we spend a lot of time on the road, it could be ours or a rental car, and because most tourists are not familiar with the streets and want to reach their destinations fast, they end up getting involved in car accidents. During longer road trips, some visitors fall asleep, which can also lead to a car accident.

To minimize car accidents in Florida, you should follow all the rules and regulations concerning Florida driving, only use smooth transportation lines wherever you’re going. If you unluckily get involved in a car accident during summer vacation in Florida, you should take pictures of the accident scene and obtain contact information from the other parties that are involved.

Water Sport Injuries

When it comes to water sports, Florida is a true legend; water sports are fantastic but could be hazardous, most notably for the visitor with little to no experience.

Theft Accidents

Florida tourist is most of the times targets for various theft and crimes such as robbery, mugging, scams, and pickpocketing. Most tourists are not familiar with Florida surroundings; that is why they’re easier to be targeted by criminals. Sometimes tourists can be injured in these types of crimes, and it’s challenging to deal with the situation.

When You’re Injured, Can You Make Claims?

If you’re injured on vacation, and you believe due to negligence from a person or a property owner, you have the right to claim for damages and losses that you incur. If you’re injured on your Florida vacation and can’t take care of the cost, you can hire Florida attorney to file a lawsuit. Your attorney knows how to deal with insurance companies and can also help you make all the necessary claims that are needed.

Do Non-Residents Receive Settlements When Injured While On Florida Vacation?

Most tourists who’re not residents of Florida think they’re not entitled to compensations when they get injured while on Florida vacation, whether you’re a resident or not, you have the right to claim for damages.

Having An Accident With Your Vehicle

If you ever have an accident when you’re out of your state, the situation is handled in the same way you would do when you’re within your state of residence. There is the need to follow the necessary steps, get the details of the parties involved, and gather all possible evidence that proves what has happened. Report the incident to the nearest police station and if you can, contact an attorney right away to help you deal with the matter.

The best thing you can do when you’re injured while on vacation is to consult an attorney, especially if you’re not a resident because Florida rules might be different from your state, and there is a need to hire an attorney that can help you with the process. If you’re on vacation in Florida and you’re injured, you should call us Massey & Duffy for proper guidance. Visit or call us now for a free consultation.



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