Interpleader In Florida

Did you know that sometimes lawyers have to interplead funds into court? This sometimes occurs in injury lawsuits. Our lawyers serving Gainesville, Ocala and the surrounding areas are able to do this for clients.  Below is an example of some of the applicable laws to such an interpleader:
F.S. 768.76 (5) states:
“ Any disputes between the claimant and the provider as to the actual amount of  collateral sources recovered by the claimant from a tortfeasor shall be subject to determination by a Court of competent jurisdiction.”
The collateral source rule permits post-settlement hearings and disbursements to be adjudicated by the Court along with the Court’s inherent power to determine collateral issues and dispose of them in any matters previously pending before it.
The Court may permit the deposit of monies (or in this interest to at least maintain them in Trust to be disbursed by Court Order) when a party requests to deposit money that has multiple claims against it to be identified and held in a bank account and only disbursed under Court Order.
Rule 1.600 of the Fla.R.Civ.P. states: “Deposits in Court” [i]n an action which any part of the relief sought is a judgment for a sum of money or disposition of the sum of money. A party may deposit all or any part of such sum with the Court. Money paid into the Court under the rule shall be deposited and withdrawn by Order of the Court.


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