Youth Athletics – Inherent Risk v. Negligence

pullingVarious reports show that over 3.5 million children that are below the age of 14 years are injured each year due to one or more sporting activities, about 1/3 of all the injuries that occur during childhood is as a result of sports activities. When it comes to child injuries, there are different types of insurance coverages for parents, administrators, and coaches. The type of injury and the scenarios often affect your insurance coverage. If you have kids, you need to educate yourself on personal injury matters. If not, you may end up worrying about paying medical bills that have accumulated.
Dealing with athlete injuries is a very challenging task for both parties. Managing the risk of injuries can be somewhat tricky because sports injury is unavoidable, and a lot of factors have to be taken into consideration when making claims for both the insurance company and the court when a lawsuit arises. Parents and board administrators have to keep their eyes open on the children. The best way to deal with the situation is to understand the safety and precautions of the sport before allowing your kids to enroll. You should also talk to your insurance companies to see how fully you’re covered so that you don’t end up spending a bunch of money on out of pocket expenses.
Personal Injury – General Liability
There could be a situation when the sports organization or their employees are blamed for the injury. In such a case, what’s going to happen? If anyone is injured and it is as a result of negligence from the youth sports organization, the general liability insurance will take care of all the expenses on behalf of its employees which include coaches, volunteers, and administrators. Also, if you’re making claims against the organization you have to prove that there is negligence from their part or an employee, you should document any evidence you might have before filing a suit.
Factors That Lead To Breach In Sports Injury Lawsuit
Lack Of Supervision
Supervision is categorized into two parts:  1) general supervision and 2) specific supervision. General guidance has to do with management level of sports tournament or organization; these are the administrators that are in charge of management responsibilities. It is their responsibility to come up with management plans that will provide the primary care needed to ensure the safety of kids.
Lack Of Instruction
Failure to give the right instructions to an athlete can put in the coach in a compromising position. It is the responsibility of the coach to provide safety instructions. He is the one responsible for informing young athletes of the sports practices that are safe to use. If the coach fails to teach the athletes the proper safety practices, the sports organization may be held responsible if an injury occurs, and this will be considered as negligence.
Refusal To Warn Against A Risk
If you are negligent in warning against the players of the risk associated with a sport, you may be subject to a lawsuit. An information form is usually provided to the athlete so that they can fully understand the risks associated with any game. Administrators do this to protect themselves from lawsuits that involve risk warning negligence. Every administrator should document all the injury risk associated with any sport so that they can avoid involvement in trials.
Improper Or Lack Of Injury Care
Before the commencement of any sport, it is advised that every athlete should undergo a screening process before participating in any game. Administrators should provide all the necessary resources such as a first-aid box and other care resources that are needed for the safety of the athlete. Board administrators can be at fault for not providing all the necessary on-site treatment resources, and an improperly cared for injury is considered as negligence.
Equipment Related Injuries
If there is an injury that’s caused by the equipment, then multiple parties might be involved. The manufacturers of the equipment could be responsible if there is faulty equipment, and the coach can also be blamed if the equipment isn’t used correctly.
If you still find it challenging to deal with an injury problem, why not hire a professional lawyer that fully understands how sports injury work. They can give the necessary advice for a sports injury if you suspect “foul play”. Contact Massey & Duffy for a free consultation, and so we can help you take care of a sports injury claim.


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