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Divorce & Family LawAggressive Florida Family and Divorce Lawyers That Will Fight for You

At Massey & Duffy, we understand that nothing is more important than your family. As such, when issues arise with such important implications, our first instinct is to attempt a peaceful mediation of the complex issues involved by explaining our client’s legal rights to the other party or attorney. However, if the other party involved is unreasonable about resolving the issues in a fair and just manner, then our firm will not hesitate to fight for every one of our client’s rights under the law.We are incredibly knowledgeable about our clients’ rights and will fight for those rights when
a peaceful and fair resolution is not possible.

The Importance of Quick Resolution

The use of a divorce and family lawyer is not required but can certainly assist in helping people understand their full rights under Florida divorce and family law. Unlike many law firms, our Florida lawyers try to resolve issues without costly and expensive litigation whenever possible. We find this approach beneficial to both our clients and their children involved. If the other party will not listen to reason, the only thing to do is aggressively litigate the issue and hold the unreasonable party responsible for the attorney’s fees and costs forced upon our clients.

Marital Settlement Agreements

We help client’s come to settlement agreements that ease the process and help people move on with their lives.  Not only does it cost less, but if we can make arrangements early on in the process, it is ultimately best for everyone involved.  Marital Settlement Agreements such as this one help us do that:  Marital Settlement Agreement.

Issues Common To Divorce and Family Law Matters

Typically, similar issues arise in all divorces that are easily resolved. They include:

  1. Whether the Petitioner and Respondent are both residents of the State of Florida and where they were married;
  2. If the marriage was consummated;
  3. What ages are and how many children born during the marriage; and
  4. The marital assets or marital debts to be divided.

Many of these issues also come into play in our decision whether to file an anulment or divorce.

Equitable Distribution Statute

Florida’s Equitable Distribution Statue is Fla. Stat. Sec. 61.075.  Section 61 is a key statute to almost any divorce. Basically, it says that marital assets are initially split 50/50, with some exceptions. For the most part, this includes loans taken out during the marriage.  Issues such as domestic violence typically are not a factor in this calculation.

We Can Assist with the Complexities of Divorce and Family Law

Family laws are quite complex. The case law interpreting these laws is even more challenging to digest. Our family law and divorce lawyers not only provide experienced legal guidance, but we also litigate these issues.

If you would like to discuss your divorce and family law issues, please contact our lawyers at Massey & Duffy, PLLC, for a free consultation. We can advise you on the best course of action that is best for your situation and restore your life (and that of your loved ones) to a stable situation as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family and Divorce

In Florida, there is an Equitable Distribution Statute in which martial assets are initially split 50/50, with some exceptions. For the most part this includes any debts incurred during the marriage, as well.

Family laws are complex. The case law interpreting these laws are challenging for a layperson to comprehend. Our lawyers not only provide experienced legal guidance, but we also litigate these issues for you.

What the ages are the children, if any, during the marriage; and how the marital assets and debts are to be divided.