I am a University of Florida pre-law student and I have been interning at Massey & Duffy since January 2014 and Mr.Massey has been welcoming and supportive ever since I started here. I would not have gained the experience I have so far without Mr.Massey. He is honest with his clients and tells them what they need to know legally and how to proceed. Although his advice does not always please everyone, I have seen more happy customers than unhappy ones in my time here. He helps everyone to the best of his abilities. The confidence Mr.Massey has in the work he does, and even the work that I do, has encouraged my dream of attending law school. It is incredible to see all of the people he has helped, including myself, and I hope that anyone reading this is encouraged to consult with him for any legal problems you are having because he is the best choice of representation.

Krysta Tate