Testing Accommodations For Students With Disabilities – ADA

(Americans with Disability Act) protects disabled individuals from being discriminated against. They have the right to pursue equal opportunities, just like other ordinary people. All test entities should conduct exams for a disabled person in a way that it’s accessible for them, and if the need arises, testing accommodations should be provided.
How ADA Is Formed
People with disabilities aren’t the ones that came up with the idea of ADA; this idea came from a group of business individuals. Some of these business entities own big shopping malls, and they heavily support the ADA creation and reform act of 2017. The ADA is a civil rights act that protects disabled people from discrimination. Disabled people face a lot of discrimination in society, and there was a need to come up with this act so that they can fit into society to perform various activities with ease just like every other human being.
Access for People with Disabilitieshandicapped
A lot of education reforms that ensure that disabled people can access different facilities. When it comes to educational training, they must be provided with the right facilities that allow persons to undergo such training. The new reform act of 2017 is also called the HR 620. A bill that was passed by Congress to enable disabled persons to find and report any violations of ADA rights.
Positive Changes for the Disabled
These changes address problems that have been around for the past 20 years, and the new updates added are meant to offer more protection to disabled persons. The new changes are published to provide more technical assistance about testing accommodation for people with disabilities when taking standardized exams.
Any exam that will be administered by state or local government and any private entity which is related to certification, licensing, applications, credentialing for postsecondary or secondary education is covered by testing accommodations and ADA.
Exams Covered Include;

  • High school equivalency exams like the GED.
  • High school entrance exams like the SSAT or ISEE.
  • College-entrance exams like the SAT or ACT.
  • Entry exams into professional schools such as the MCAT and LSAT.
  • Exams for admission into a graduate school like the GRE or GMAT.

What Testing Accommodations Are All About
These are changes to the usual testing environment and other auxiliary aids that give disabled individuals the freedom to show their aptitude and achievement level on standard examinations.
Testing Accommodations – Who Is Eligible?
Any disabled person is qualified to receive all the necessary testing accommodations. But before we go further, who is considered a disabled person? According to ADA, a disabled person is someone that has a mental or physical impairment that restricts him from doing various life activities like other ordinary people like hearing, seeing, reading, learning, and concentrating. Knowing whether an individual has a disability or not, doesn’t require extensive analysis.
Special Accommodations
Disabled persons can be sorted out in any society even if they’re not physically disabled; when you start to interact with them, you know they’re not like other human beings. Such people have to be given special attention, and they must be provided with specialized equipment that will help them pass through any testing process.
Equal Rights
Disabled persons are not to be discriminated by any means; they have equal rights, just every other citizen. Discriminating against disabled people is subject to legal prosecution and should be avoided at all costs. Most people discriminate against disabled persons without even knowing it; they believe that’s what they deserve. You can’t treat disabled people any way you want.
What Do You Do When You’re Discriminated Against?
As a disabled person, when you’re discriminated against, you have the right to take proper action against the offender. First is to let him know that he has violated your rights; if there are damages that have been incurred, then you should demand that the offender compensate.
Report to the Proper Authorities
If things get out of hand, you should gather all the evidence you have and proceed to report to the proper authorities. Hire a lawyer who can help you file a lawsuit. If you’re facing discrimination due to your disability or you have a loved one that’s facing discrimination, contact us at Massey & Duffy to get the help you need.


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