Truck Accidents On I-75 In Gainesville

Another TruckTruck accidents are entirely different from regular car accidents. They are unique when it comes to making claims, settlements, and trial outcomes. Truck drivers are required to follow state and federal regulations. Additionally, they’re required to enroll with insurance that carries a higher policy coverage for truck drivers. Most insurance policies cover semi-truck drivers, but other than that, they will have to share the damages. If a semi-truck driver injures you or your loved ones and you can prove the driver is at fault, then there is an excellent chance of recovering damages. There is a higher chance of winning more claims and damages than a plaintiff who is involved in a normal car accident.
Following rules and regulations is a must for any driver that wants to protect and prevent himself from trouble. These include limiting the amount of weight each driver can carry on his truck. All truck drivers should not overload their vehicles. Truck and semi-truck drivers must rest for specific periods. Each driver must have enough rest, so they don’t end up causing accidents due to lack of sleep or stress. The driver must also make sure that he deals with any minor repair that will arise to ensure that his truck is working smoothly.
When an accident happens with a truck driver, you may find that he is at fault by violating some ordinance or statute. It is, therefore, necessary for the plaintiff to provide all the crucial evidence that shows that the defendant violated a law; this will increase the chances of winning the case.
What Happens If There Are Multiple Defendants When It Comes To Settlement?
There may be multiple defendants in a particular lawsuit. The defendants may be made responsible for paying for the damages caused if both of them are found guilty of violating the rules and regulations. Assuming that a truck driver had an accident from a tire breakdown and the manufacturer of the tire or the mechanic that installs the tire is at fault. In such situations, the manufacturer or the mechanic will be included in the lawsuit. In cases where a manufacturer is involved, the manufacturer may be ordered to pay for damages in a more significant part than the driver.
Semi Truck Settlement Examples
Here are some examples where the truck or semi-truck driver will be held responsible for damages. This is assuming the plaintiff suffered damages, and the semi-truck driver was proven to be at fault. Is should be noted that the truck driver is not always responsible whenever truck accidents happen. Both parties need to know their rights and regulations. Let’s look at some of the plaintiffs who will be compensated scenarios.

  • A plaintiff gets hit by a truck driver while driving on the highway. As a result, he had two broken legs and other fractures. The defendant is required to pay for the costs of an extended hospital stay, undergoing surgeries, and rehabilitation. In this case, the plaintiff could receive a settlement of $185,0000 from the defendant’s insurance company.
  • A semi-truck driver hit a plaintiff, and fusion of neck vertebrae is needed, the plaintiff could be compensated $350,000.
  • A Plaintiff collided with a truck and resulted in a shoulder injury. He may be fined in the amount of $275,000.
  • A Semi-truck driver hit a plaintiff as a result of the defective part, and the accident resulted in a severe injury to the plaintiff that leads to an amputated leg, the plaintiff could receive a sum of $3,750,000 as a settlement.

Truck Accident Attorney
Truck accidents can lead to severe injuries to the plaintiff. It is recommended that you choose a good lawyer that can make a proper claim for the damages done to you.  We focus on dealing with truck accidents and can make appropriate negotiations with the insurance company so that you get the necessary coverage that’s needed to take care of all your damages


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