Unemployment Compensation Claims in Florida

Employee HiringFlorida government has passed a law to change the name of the unemployment compensation program to the re-employment assistance program. This change is necessary to improve the way that people look at the program as helpful for re-entry into the job force versus continuing to be an unemployed participant. This program offers unemployment benefits and opportunities to Florida residents. The change does not affect individuals seeking or receiving unemployment benefits. The program remains the same; it’s only a change of name.
How To Qualify For Unemployment Benefits In Florida
Before you become eligible for any unemployment benefits you have to meet specific criteria;
* You didn’t lose your job because of your negligence or fault; you should not quit your job willingly and terminated due to misconduct.
* You can be partially or fully unemployed.
* Before making your claim, you should at least have earned the minimum wage within the base period.
* You must be in the process of seeking a new job.
If you want to find out whether you’re eligible or not, you should consult your nearest career center, and before applying for unemployment benefits you should gather the following documents/materials;
* Details of the previous employers you have worked with for the past eighteen months their names, phone numbers, and address.
* Social security number.
* The time frame you have worked and the wages you were paid for the past 18 months.
* A valid ID card, you should come with a government-issued ID card for verification purposes. either be a driver’s license or voter’s registration number.
* If you’re a member of any labor union, you should provide the name and a local number of the association.
* If you have been in the military for the past two years, you should come with DD-214 form.
* Non-U.S indigenes should come with their work permit and alien registration number.
* If you have worked for the federal government you should begin with Form SF-8 or form SF-50
Other documents that may be requested. You might have to present these documents if you want your unemployment benefits request to be approved in Florida.
You can apply for the unemployment benefits after seven days of becoming unemployed. And the date you send your application determines when you’ll start receiving the benefits, most requests are processed within a few days. Florida unemployment claims must be completed online, the entire process takes no more than 60 minutes to complete, and you have 72 hours to complete the application. If you exceed 72 hours, you may have to start over again.
Submitting Your Claim
If you need assistance during your use, you can visit any of the available one-stop career centers to help with the process. You will receive a confirmation message when you have successfully applied for benefits. If your claim is accepted, it can take up to four (4) weeks before you receive your first payment. If four weeks have passed, and no benefits are received. If you haven’t received a confirmation notice for a long time, you can call the Claims Assistance Center to see if they can look into it.
When you receive the confirmation message, you’ll also receive further instructions on initial skills review; this is like examination. Still, it isn’t because there’s no-fail or pass with this short test review; all the answers you supply won’t affect your eligibility. Its purpose is to help you get more job opportunities.
The Amount You Receive
The amount received by each individual varies from one person to another; the only way to know whether you’re eligible or not is by submitting a claim. The amount given is about half of the wage you received from your previous job, and it shouldn’t exceed $275/week.  Tips can be a particular problem.
You can receive unemployment assistance for up to twenty-six weeks before you get a new job. Once you get a full-time job, your benefits stop. But a part-time job does not disqualify you from receiving re-employment benefits.
As has been said, you can receive unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks if you, however, didn’t get any job till that time, you extend re-employment assistance for another 33 weeks through EUC (Emergency Unemployment Compensation) program. But due to the current unemployment rate in Florida, it’s now almost impossible to get for an extension after 26 weeks of receiving benefits.
Additional Unemployment Benefits In Florida
Apart from the re-employment assistance program, there are other career service programs designed to help unemployed individuals. You have to apply for such programs separately, and eligibility for one program does not prohibit individuals from using for another program.
Contact Massey & Duffy to get the proper guidance on how to apply for unemployment benefits in Florida or to appeal an undesired decision from the re-employment program.


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