University of Florida and Santa Fe College Academic Appeals for Residency

ResidencyGetting Florida Residency
There are lots of benefits of staying in Florida, and hence a lot of people find it challenging to make residency claims. Even as a university student, your residency isn’t guaranteed unless you meet some requirements. According to Florida statute, the claimant (the student or guardian who want to attain the residency) must be in one of the following categories before the student is considered a Florida residency:
* Must be a United States Citizen.
* Parolee.
* Permanent resident alien.
* Asylee.
* A legal alien who is allowed to stay indefinitely by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Cuban Haitian entrant.
Schooling alone in Florida will not qualify students to get legal residency straightforward. You have to stay within the state for at least 12 months before the first semester. This means that students can acquire temporary residency before they are considered permanent residents. Students that are supported by parents who are out of state are assumed to have the same residence as their parents, and all students must be classified as dependent or independent. Before applying for Florida residency, there is the need to prepare some documents which will be needed during your application. The following supporting documents will be required:
* You need voter’s registration card that was issued in Florida.
* Driver’s license issued in Florida.
* Florida State ID card,
* Vehicle registration issued in Florida.
* Proof of address, of course, the permanent home address is needed, which is under the same name of the claimant.
* A school transcription that shows you have attended high school for multiple years in Florida, if you have obtained a GED or Florida high school diploma for the past twelve months, it can be included.
* Proof that shows that you have been a full-time worker in Florida for at least 30h/week within 12 months.
The following documents also can be used with one of the above documents;
* Florida professional or occupational license.
* Florida incorporation.
* A report that shows you have ties with a Florida resident.
* Proof that shows you are part of a Florida professional or charitable organization.
* Utility bills paid for the past 12 months consecutively.
* Lease contract and payment proofs for the past twelve months
* Official federal, state, or court document that shows you have legal ties with Florida.
Reclassification For Enrolled Students
Students who have already been classified as non-residents when paying tuition fees can be eligible for reclassification. To be considered for reclassification of residency, the student must provide supporting documents. These show he has been a legal resident for twelve months consecutively. A temporary residence will not work to reduce tuition fees.
Reclassification Documents Needed
All the supporting documents you’ll present should be twelve months old before the 1st day of your first semester. All the papers you present are subject to verification, claimants should not try to present fake documents because it will cause the application to be denied. All materials that will be given for reclassification are the same as those mentioned above, like a voter’s registration card issued in Florida, a driver’s license, and the rest of the documents that are mentioned earlier in this article.
Supporting Documentation
When you want to acquire Florida residency you have to do all you can to provide all the possible supporting documents you have to justify your claim, this is a must for students who’re looking for Florida residency for tuition purposes. Most students want to get a Florida residency to pay for fewer tuition fees. All the documents listed above are relevant, but the most important one you don’t want to miss is the declaration of domicile. This can be obtained from the county courthouse for Florida County. Without at least providing two required documents, your residency claim will be considered invalid.
It’s not easy getting Florida residency, especially for students. It’s good to find someone experienced attorney to hire in such matters. An attorney can assist you in obtaining your Florida residency smoothly without any problems. At Massey & Duffy, we specialize in helping individuals to get their Florida residency quickly. We’ll guide you at every step until completion. Call us now if you have any questions regarding Florida residency.


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