What To Do After A Car Accident

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know that it’s frustrating and stressful. Many people get angry and end up doing the wrong thing.  They end up arguing with the other party that’s involved. They say nasty words that can be used against them in court, even if they are not at fault. That’s why it is essential to know how to deal with these situations.
Do The Right Thing
Take the correct action at the right time. You’ll be left with regrets because you’ll have to handle all the bills by yourself. Even the insurance company might neglect you if you don’t feel the situation accordingly. After all, that’s what insurance companies want from you so they can turn down your claims. Most insurance companies try to trick you by asking questions that will give them legal authority to deny your claims. You will find some useful tips that will help you get compensated after going through a car accident, on this blog.
What To Do After A Car Accident

  • You should stop your car immediately after the accident. Park your vehicle away from traffic and turn on your hazard lights. Once you do that, you should try to remain calm. It may be difficult to control your anger, but don’t panic with the other party that’s involved.
  • You check with the other party to see if they are injured or hurt. Call an ambulance immediately if one is needed. Stay with the injured parties until the police or ambulance have arrived at the crash site. Try to stay clear any harmful material that’s on the road when the accident happened, such as broken glass, downed power lines, or a possible fire from combustible fluids.
  • Do exchange contact and insurance details with the other party. If they’re conscious enough to provide you with the details, ask for name, phone, address, license, and registration, or any other information that is needed.

Legal Requirements
Whenever you’re involved in a car accident there are some legal requirements from your side:

  • Stop your car.
  • Share your name and address with the party involved in the accident.
  • Report to the police if someone is hurt or is injured. You should also file a report when there is damage to property, even if the owner isn’t present at the time of the accident.
  • If your car is severely damaged, you shouldn’t move it away from the accident site.

Things You Should Avoid After A Car Accident

  • It is essential not to be aggressive or argue with the other party even if they’re at fault.
  • Move the vehicle out of the roadway if possible.
  • Don’t lie to your insurer or police. Most people try to manipulate the situation so that their insurer can take care of all the liability.

Information You Should Gather After A Car Accident
After exchanging contact info with the other party, you still need more details that will be beneficial when making a claim or contacting a lawyer.

  • You should write down the exact location of the accident, take note of any crossroad.
  • Take note of the car involved and the description of the damage. Write down the color, year, model, and make. Ask them if they’re the owner of the car or not.
  • Write down a description of what caused or contributed to the accident. Take note of the weather and road conditions when the accident happened.

If You Have A Camera Phone You Should Take The Pictures Of The Following

  • Take multiple photos of the crash site and all vehicles involved in the accident.
  • If available, take photos of traffic indicators.
  • It is advisable to take photos of the road conditions that may have contributed to the accident.
  • To be safe about preserving evidence, take photos of your injuries, and any other involved parties injured or not, and
  • Report any other damaged property as a result of the accident.

 Should You Hire an Accident Attorney?
It is recommended that you hire an accident or otherwise known as a personal injury attorney. Handling medical bills and other expenses can be a burden to you and your loved ones. With the right attorney, you get all the support you need and deserve. Dealing with the situation by yourself in this challenging situation may lead to financial stress and loss.
Insurance Companies are Not on Your Side
Don’t rely on your insurance company for compensation. Insurance companies will deny most of your claims.  Hiring a reasonable attorney will help protect your rights and ensure that you get the maximum treatment from your insurance company. Visit Massey & Duffy now to see how they can help you deal with the situation.
Massey & Duffy, P.L.L.C.
These diligent attorneys help victims of car accidents recover their losses and pay large medical bills. They will help you to improve your financial losses as they will look for supporting evidence that will favor your case. Most insurance companies want to make money from you by denying your claims. Massey & Duffy will fight for your rights. Therefore, you will receive the necessary care and treatment from all available insurances. Call and visit us now for a free consultation.


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